Hello and welcome to Antique Reclaimed Lumber.

We are a family owned business and we are thankful for the opportunity to offer you some of the most beautiful wood and wood products available in the world.
Antique Reclaimed Lumber LLC is a sustainable green business. Every board is carefully reclaimed by hand from aged, unused structures where it has been preserved, just waiting to be rediscovered.

You may choose products that retain their original surface with years of patina; or we can custom mill newly surfaced products that reveal the true beauty of the tight grained, old growth wood.

We specialize in wood flooring, beams, barn wood and custom made furniture. We can supply you with the Antique Reclaimed Lumber that you need for your next project. We also offer custom installation of our antique reclaimed wood products and additional construction services.

When you choose Antique Reclaimed Lumber for your residential or commercial project, you will add unmatched beauty, warmth, and character.

THANK YOU for choosing us to help you preserve a little piece of the past! – Michelle Price and Phillip Price

  • Flooring
    We custom mill every flooring order specifically for each customer so that we can provide them with the floor of their dreams.
  • Beams
    Our reclaimed beams are available in large sizes and lengths which are often difficult to obtain through traditional green lumber suppliers. We provide dry, high grade, reclaimed timbers.
  • Barn Wood
    Barn Wood
    Antique barn wood is a true "exotic wood" that is crafted by nature. Much of this vintage barn wood comes from original stands of old growth forests and, as a result has unparalleled architectural quality and character.
  • Furniture
    All furniture is handcrafted by quality craftsmen with antique reclaimed wood made to customer specifications. Let us know what you are looking for – we will be glad to help with design details as your finalize your plans for your new family heirloom.